Metallic Colours

Metallic Silver Shiny Alumetalic Light Bronse Light Bronse Metallic Pearl Gold ı
Cooper Azul Blue Dark Grey    

Solid Colours

Pure White French White Pearl White Cream White Ivory Sand
Grey Beige - Ral 1019 Rape Yellow Graphite Sort Platinium Grey Granite Gray
Moss Green Grey Green Pale Brown Soil Brown Red
Signal Red Erika Violet Wine Red Brown Red Pastell Orange
Ultra Marine Blue Steel Blue      

Prestige Series

Golden Oak - Fine Wood Golden Oak - Line Wood Nussbaum - Fine Wood Mahogony Kiefer - Line Wood
Arctic Light, Green Purple Metallic Arctic Light, Golden Pink Metallic Arctic Light, Blue Metallic Arctic Light, Red Metallic Arctic Light, Dark Red Metallic
Black Metallic Silver Light Blue Metallic Brush Bronse Brush Mat  
The colours shown on the left colour chart may vary from the original due to printing conditions. Please ask for a sample colour sheet to see the real colour.

The metallic colours may vary in different production batches when compared. For this reason please make sure to order all your needs in one batch, so you won't face any variations of colour.

We can manufacture products, with the colours and surface gloss that you demand, depending on the amount of order. For this reason the desired surface gloss has also to be pointed out when ordering colours that are not listed in the above chart.

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